imageOver the years, we have been a misunderstood couple, and we get that. There is nothing normal about us. I (Heather) am the one who is not normal. When I was eight years old I mailed a letter to my grandma confessing that I wanted to take my life. Thus marking the beginning of a lifelong journey battling my mind. This battle has not been easy but over the years, I’ve learned to thrive because of Christ, the solid rock I stand. But to be married to it is an entirely different story. So how has Raul made it fifteen years?! Unlike the ole’ adage, it’s actually NOT “opposites-attract” that keeps us together. It’s our one similarity. God. Raul and I don’t have the luxury of having a plethora of similarities. We don’t have the same childhood experiences, same strengths or same weaknesses. We don’t handle conflict the same. We don’t always love each other with the same intensity. We don’t lead the same and we don’t follow the same. And as established earlier, we don’t have the same mental stability. So when all of these differences are challenged, we HAVE to have SOMETHING that HOLDS us together. We would be a mess without God. God is the attraction between us. We both love God and seek to do His will. Without our similar foundation in God, our differences would rip us apart. Circumstances can divide and humans can repel, but God attracts. So what will keep us under one roof for years to come? One God!

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