imageSo a few months ago I encountered a mean girl.  If you are a student and you are bummed because girls are mean, we’re in this together, because sometimes girls are mean to me too.  It wasn’t that this girl cussed me out or beat me up (although that has happened).  It wasn’t even in the words she said, because she didn’t say anything. It was her mean look, directed at me.  And it kinda hurt. I think there is a distinction between bullying and mean. But today I just want to address “mean,” and the best response to it. Admittedly (and ashamedly), I’ve tried to “return the favor” and give a mean look back. God must have a good laugh because they never look back at me to give me the chance to! But I’ll tell you what HAS worked: kindness. Not brown-nosing, not butt-kissing, not revenge, but simple kindness.  Kindness with a two-part plan:  brush off the mean look and find a way to say something nice. That’s it. No drama, no complicated confrontation. Just breathe, let it go and say something back that’s kind. I don’t know if it works. And truthfully? I don’t care. Sometimes, mean people are hurting people. And as long as I assume that, I’ll survive being a girl who sometimes encounters mean ones. I hope this encourages someone today!

“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with kindness.” Colossians 3

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