In July 2000, I was saying “crazy-schedule-photoYes,” to everything. I thought I was doing good deeds, but truth be told, I was completely over-committed. I paid a high price for that. When the state of Florida found me in a parking lot in a dangerous state, they locked me up. How did that happen? Through many months of counseling it was revealed that one of the reasons I ended up there was I was said “yes” to everything to runway from other things. Saying yes to everything allowed me to be SO buried in good deeds, that I didn’t have time to deal with my past. I once heard someone say, “we can be so heavenly bound that we are no earthly good.” This had become true for me. Even as I volunteered in the church saying “yes” to all these heavenly things, I was ultimately saying “no” to God. Yep. True story. I could do several posts on the topic of burnout. But for now, I’ll simply close with this: if you are saying “yes” to everything and saying “no” to nothing, are you really doing anything? Pray about that! 🙂

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