So not gonna lie, when someone intentionally hurts me–after I stop hurting–I am ready to fight back. I think of ways to bring justice or “ensure” they don’t do that to someone else. Surely, God knows MY deliberate intentions are pure…right? Wrong. Look, I can find ways to justify revenge for pain inflicted. Just one problem…it’s not my job. It may SEEM like my job. There are a myriad of rationalizations I can come up with. But simply put, God said, “ Vengeance is Mine, I will repay.” Not to long ago, I had to decide if I was going to obey this and trust God or not. Here’s where I landed: if I was going to take revenge, I was choosing to elongate the pain. Taking it out of God’s hands and putting it in mine was choosing the longer, harder way to heal. I had to wrestle with one obvious question, “Is it worth it?”  I decided it wasn’t.  I’ve also learned to pray for the one who hurt me. In a weird way, it is a way of justice. They may have hurt me but that was the ceiling to their control. I am praying for them…and THAT they can’t control! I hope this encourages someone today.

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