Fear of being wrong and a need to be right9780849944246_p0_v2_s260x420
Fear of failure so I am driven to succeed
Fear of people knowing the real me so I hide my weaknesses
Fear of not having the answer so I don’t ask others for help
Fear of not getting the credit so I downplay the contributions of others
Fear of people rejecting me so I tell people what they want to hear
Fear of conflict so I gloss over issues rather than resolve them
Fear of someone doing better than me so I put them down
Fear of disappointing others so I never say no
Fear of looking weak so I pretend to be something I am not
What do they have in common? They all start with “Fear” and they’re all roots of insecurity. If you have fear, see if it’s rooted in one of these insecurities and tackle it! Prayer + Counseling + Books have helped me rid the infections insecurity causes. We become insecure, we aren’t born to be. It’s not part of God’s design-package for our lives. If we got into insecurity–we can get out. My favorite book for dealing with it is “Search for Significance.” I’m giving away 1ย copy to 3 winners. Random drawing will be tomorrow night and the 3 winners will be notified via email. Simply leave a comment with: 1) NAME 2) EMAILย 

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