The boys and I were curious why Mom Duck built her nest where she did. As you can see, she built her nest beside bouganveillas. Every time she returned to her nest, she had to endure the pangs of their thorns. But we concluded that she was probably willing to endure the thorns to have the safety this particular spot provided. The boys and I talked about coming home eventually to Mom Duck and her fuzzy babies. We talked about putting bread outside so Mom Duck could be the hero with a tasty treat. But one afternoon, to our aghast, an animal had gotten to her babies. All the eggs were on the ground, split open. The next day, I saw her in our driveway and I’d be a liar if I didn’t tell you I felt bad. Mom Duck sacrificed and suffered for the sake of her babies and an enemy snatched them away. For me, this was a reminder that Christ did this for me. He sacrificed and suffered for my sake, and for several years, the enemy tried to snatch me away. But my life wasn’t done, so what the enemy tried to snatch away, God got back!  If you have drifted far from God, I hope you know you are NOT forever snatched away. You can always come back. God hopes you will. Come home. God is standing at the door, waiting for you. That’s what love does. I hope this encourages someone today.

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