BkyH_qPCYAA-PaZIn Acts, the bible teaches us that Lydia, ‘…was a worshiper of the Lord God…after she and her family were baptized; she kept on begging us, “If you think I really do have faith in the Lord, come stay in my home.’ Finally, we accepted her invitation.”  Lydia was an inviter? What? YES! Look at the text, after she accepted Christ, after she got baptized, she kept BEGGING these guys: TAKE my invitation! And they accepted!  At some point, someone invited you to your church (or Church by the Glades). This week, as we head toward the Church’s BIGGEST weekend of the year, who can you invite? How can we be like Lydia–so pumped that we just GOTTA invite someone?  YOU might be the SOLE catalyst between them and Jesus Christ. Recently, DJ and I were going through a drive thru, when I handed the cashier a CBG invite and she reluctantly took it. As we drove away, DJ said, “Mom, why do you keep inviting people even if they probably won’t go?” I said, “DJ, because one time, someone invited me and I didn’t want to go.  Yet, reluctantly I went. And went again. And then it wasn’t reluctant any more. It was life-changing.” Friend, if Jesus has changed your life, let Him use you to invite someone to church this Easter, so He can change theirs.

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