empty tomb 1In the movie, The Passion of the Christ, the closing scenes are around the empty tomb. Why would a powerful movie end with something  seemingly empty? Actually, “empty” can be a powerful thing. Consider these… -the empty Grand Canyon -our empty lungs we depend on to live -an empty womb after a human has birthed from it -the empty US Airways plane after ALL were rescued from it on the the Hudson River And the most powerful example…the empty tomb Jesus walked out of. It’s not a story, a theory, a disillusion. It’s not even a religion. The empty tomb of Jesus is a reality.
 Three days after the tomb held Jesus body, it held no body! My whole life hinges on that empty tomb. If Jesus had not resurrected, He would not be God. He would not be who He said He was. But He IS. He IS risen. He IS alive. He IS Lord. If you follow Jesus, be renewed by the empty tomb – Jesus who rose from the tomb has the power to raise you from any tomb of trial. If you do not have a relationship with Jesus, consider this empty tomb–if you feel nudged to change that, email or call me, let’s talk!

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