let-it-goDefinition:  [fer-giv] to grant relief from payment
Inspiration:  “He forgives all my sins.” Psalm 103:3
Application:  It is one of the greatest feelings in the world:  you owe money, and out of nowhere, you are told, “Don’t worry about paying it back.”  If my alma mater, Judson College, had called to inform me that I didn’t need to pay back my debt, I would have accepted!  And my Cuban would’ve freaked if I insisted on refusing the offer. Money is hard to come by–when pardon is made for something difficult to attain, it is wonderfully liberating.  Guys, God freaks out when we hold onto our debt too.  Since we were born, we have been sinning (accumulating debt).  To date, my sin-debt is probably in the quint-trillions.  But God says, “Heather, let it go, there is no sin you did that my Son did not die for.” For a Father to send his Son to be sacrificed in place of my sin, yet see me running around holding onto it, must truly grieve Him.  As Christ-followers, if we took the chance to believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, why can’t we take the chance to receive His forgiveness?  What good does it do to hold onto it? And what good it does do TO LET IT GO!  The bible says “He forgives ALL my sins…”  Jesus didn’t die with a disclaimer.  He didn’t suffer on exception.  He died.  He rose.  You are forgiven.  Let it go.

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