“A soft answer turneth away wrath; but grievous words stir up anger.” Now I should be the last person to write about a soft answer. I’ve always had a big mouth, not just in words, but in volume.  Growing up, it was more common for me to hear “Heath, turn the volume down” than “Heath, eat your vegetables.” I guess that’s why I made a decent cheerleader, but a terrible bookkeeper. In the bible, God not only challenges us to use a softer voice, but He used one Himself. Especially in conversations with really messed up people. He was good like that. What’s the appeal to a soft voice?  To illustrate, let’s compare soft things with their counterparts: a Sealy Posturepedic bed with a Down Comforter or a hard cot with a wool blanket? Soft cotton boxers or burlap underwear? Lavender Softsoap in a pump or a bar of Dial? Soft-upholstered LazyBoy recliners or hard benches?  Soft things are appealing to us just like a soft voice is appealing to others. If you (like me) have the tendency to shout, yell, scream, roar, clamor or bark, we need to add a PAUSE button to our brains. Before we RESPOND in our usual loud way, press Pause in our heads & in that pause, adjust pitch & volume. THEN press play. 🙂

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