IMG_8589When I was 8 years old, my third grade teacher, Mrs. Cousins, saw something in me I didn’t. She saw a girl who wasn’t afraid to stand up in front of others. So she casted me in two school performances, and picked me to be the class-ambassador to a collegiate Creative Writers workshop.  What Mrs. Cousins saw in me then, I am joyfully, still doing today! It’s a good thing to find something good in someone young and help them see it in themselves. This year, Andy is in 3rd grade and DJ is in 5th grade.  Their teachers, Ms. Faria and Ms. Urena, respectively, have done a beautiful job of finding the good in their students.  My boys are  trying new things, learning what they can do, and more importantly, realizing what they like about themselves.  I love it when teachers, children, and God, collide. It’s a collision that changes a life…and the world around it. As we enter Teacher Appreciation Week, just want to send a ginormous thank you to Ms. Faria and Ms. Urena!  And if you have a teacher in your life, I hope you do the same!

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