photo 3Awhile back, Raul gave me the gift of a Magnolia tree. Nature is one of my love languages, so I’ve been highly anticipating its bloom. Today I asked Raul why it’s taking so long for the magnolias to come in. When he said, “It has!” I grabbed my phone and ran across the backyard to finally smell its amazing smellyness and take its picture. I took ahold of the stem to get a close up, when my #ManHands broke it. I couldn’t believe it. I had waited for this, and when it finally arrived, it broke. There’s a blog-post in this. We wait for someone: a spouse, a child, a best friend. And then we finally get it. And then it breaks. The spouse isn’t who we thought he/she was. The child isn’t growing up to be who we prayed he/she would be. The friend who promised “BFF,” forsakes it when he/she got jealous and walked away. Here’s what I’ve learned: Life hurts. Relationships break. God heals. It is very important to know that God heals. Does God heal the relationship? Not always. My flower can’t grow back into its broken stem. But God DOES heal every heart that has Him in it. I think that’s why this has been my life-verse: “We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed,” If you’re in a relationship and your heart is broken, I hope this encourages you a little.

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