photo-59Tonight, as I write this, I’m sitting on my couch.  Although I don’t always see things this way, here’s how I see them, from this vantage point, today:  To my left is the front door. True, it stays closed all day. But figuratively speaking, in the last few years we’ve been at Church by the Glades, God has given me the JOY of walking out of my front door and in to HIS.  I’m super glad about that!  In front of me is a clock. When I look at the clock I can either see time “standing still” or “moving.” I see neither. Clocks represent time, which God controls, not me. So when I see the clock, whether it stands still or ticks away, it serves as a reminder that God is in control.  To my right is a window. When I look out the window I can either say, “sigh, just trees” or I can say, “WOW! BOOM! PALM TREES!!!” I chose the latter. Palm trees are one of my FAVs and the beautiful arrangement of them out my window reminds me God made them for my enjoyment.  Behind me is a mirror. Often, we look in mirrors to see what’s wrong with us. A zit? A new gray hair? A wrinkle? A much needed make-up touch-up. But I think we need to look in mirrors and see what’s right. God knit you together in your mommy’s belly (Psalm 139). He’s the Creator, which means YOU are the masterpiece. Let the mirror remind you of that every now and then.

Well, that’s my view from where I sit. I hope–in a weird, long-rambling sort of way–it encourages you…from where you sit.

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