Atlantis & boy pix 07-07 035 One time I had this great idea to take a picture of my footprints in the sand for a blog-post. When I went to snap the pic, the ocean came and washed my footprints away.  Sometimes, a great idea in our head doesn’t always become a great plan in our life. I think its actually cool that God rolls like that. God gives us a GREAT place for our ideas to roam: our minds! And He doesn’t much interfere with the creative flow, there. But, sometimes, when that great idea turns into our “great” plan, God does call interference. I have never regretted God doing that. Man, would I have done some stupid things if He hadn’t. The bible says, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”  If you’ve had great ideas, don’t be mad at God if He washed the plans away. Maybe you’ll lose your “Kodak moment,” like I did, but with God, you will definitely gain something better.

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