indexAs some of you know, I’m an advocate for mental health, driven by the fact that I’m a person who deals with it, personally. But today, I heard a podcast that provided a big Ah-Ha moment for me. There are many of us who have a “downcast soul.”  And depending on where we are with God; who we see, medically; and our circumstances, there is a distinction to consider:  are we experiencing sadness or are we clinically depressed? Sadness is a human emotion that God wove into the fibers of all creation. Not to go without saying, Jesus himself, experienced sadness (John 11).  When we have a loss that we can identify (loss of job, relationship, opportunity) the natural human response to this is sadness. But not necessarily depression.  And not necessarily depression that needs medication.  Please hear me, I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL. But if you (like me) have ever grappled with, “why won’t this cloud above my head go away?” Pray about it. Give this question to God. He’s God. He has an answer. As a supplement, listen to this podcast: “The Why of Depression.” Lastly, make an appointment with a Christian counselor. Friend, whether it is sadness or depression, there is hope and resolve for both.

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