Back in 2008, when we were potty-training Andy, it was an exciting and frustrating time. My dilemma was Andy went potty, but Andy went potty outside. It was the convergence of my congratulatory, “way to go, Andy!” with my frustrating, “Andy, what’d you do???” Sometimes, I do this with God. I mean to do good, but my good converges with bad. (In Romans 7:15-20, the Apotle Paul spoke to this exact thing. He gets you!) My point?….If you are trying your hardest to get a, “way to go!” from God, keep trying. Sure, you’ll occasionally potty outside, but God believes in you! He’ll be the loudest to cheer for you when you get it right. He knows your heart….just like I knew Andy’s. And it’s the heart that gets us there, whatever “it” is that we’re “aiming” for. 😉

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