Sips are good.  Yesterday I went to Starbucks and they were promoting a new beverage with free sips. Sometimes, I fall prey to these sips and proceed to spend fourteen dollars on a grande drink.  But that’s just a sip of coffee offered by a coffee company.  The sip, albeit a good one, has no long-term effect.  As quickly as it touches my tastebuds, it goes down the shoot and the joy’s over.  However, when I see a double rainbow penetrate a convoy of dark clouds after a Florida storm and arch itself over my home (photo), that’s a sip of heaven.  When I see the sun cascade onto the sapphire ocean as the waves jump up to greet it, that’s a sip of heaven.  When I see a brown, ugly, barren tree survive a harsh winter but eventually produce an abundance of emerald leaves and magenta flowers, that’s a sip of heaven.  And the best part?  These sips of heaven are not short-lived because they are God’s and they are introductions to His heaven.  God knows us well that he only lets us witness the introduction; he only lets us take a sip.  Heaven is so glorious, so illuminated, so powerful, that, in our earthly bodies, we can’t handle anything but a sip.  We’d burn our eyes out; we’d stop breathing.  Heaven is an infinite place, where God is on his sapphire throne, and we are basking in His glory with our new bodies.  And if we know we are going there, then these sips are sometimes what keep us going–and that’s a good thing.  Oh, I can’t wait to get to heaven.  But for now, I’ll totally enjoy the sips.


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