0007874207203_180X180So I go to Walmart to buy a case of bottled water. While I’m there, Jesus walks up to me, right in the middle of the water aisle. He shares with me everything I’ve ever done. In detail.  The secrets only my secrets knew–He makes known. In this shocking moment, I ask Jesus to join me in my life. He does. And years of baggage, burden, guilt and sin are lifted up and left on the Walmart floor.  I’m so excited about this new me that I don’t wait for Jesus to tell me to tell others. I drop my case of water and take off. As soon as I get back to my ‘hood in Coral Springs,  I tweet about this on Twitter, post this on Facebook and Instagram a pic of the Walmart where I met Him. In John 4 after the Samaritan woman met Jesus at the well, she stopped doing what she came to the well to do. She left her bucket and ran to tell her ENTIRE village that she found Jesus. Don’t miss this:  Jesus didn’t tell her to run and tell everybody.  She wanted to.  This begs the question, “Where’s my village?” and a follow-up, “am I running to it to make Jesus known?
God, help me drop whatever it is I’m holding on to (fear, insecurity, awkwardness)
and run unashamedly to the village around me
to tell what you’ve done for me.  Amen.

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