green_with_envy_by_kikikay-d3ja5s5I think the cliche, “green with envy,” is a little off because envy isn’t green. God said, “A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.” Rots my bones? Something that is rotten is nasty, slimy and black!  Now jealousy is an attitude toward another person. Ugh.  But envy is an attitude toward another person’s success. Double UGH!  Here’s the dealio: envy started in Genesis 1 and we’re still writing its history. It’s a dark part of our human nature.  Envy is always around my corner; because as I strive to do my best, there’s someone else doing better.  I am deathly afraid of envy because I’ve seen its demise. So this post is dedicated to the one I hate: little-envy Heather–dormant but not dead–in big-girl Heather. So what do I do? 1) Confess, pray, confess again.  2) Encourage and pray for the ones I could potentially be envious of 3) Ruthlessly resolve in my mind to not let envy take root. I hope this encourages someone today! Everywhere you cast out envy, you save your bones! Just ask God.

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