photo-60For years, my brother, Jason, has served as a fireman.  A building is on fire, a fatality on the highway, a terrorist scare–these scenarios make up a day in the life of a fireman.  And while I would run from them, Jason runs toward them.  What I don’t understand is what makes him willfully risk his life for the lives of strangers.  Curiously, if you would ask Jason, he wouldn’t know either. “I don’t know, it’s just something inside of me…” he says.  God saves too.  His scenarios?  A man is addicted to drugs; a woman is being trafficked; a college student attempts suicide.  Everyday, we find ourselves in need of being saved, and God goes through Fire to get to us.  I know someone who started taking drugs when he was fourteen. For years, it would be a burning building he could not get out of.  He had three choices:  slowly sit in the flames of drugs; risk his life trying to find a way out; or let God come to him. Finally, he called upon the name of the Lord to come to his rescue. Today,  he is clean and sober…and alive. He is not in the fiery building.  Psalm 37 says that God saves the godly.  I hope you know Him. If you need to be saved, I hope you call on Him. He loves you. He already died for you. He’s standing by to rescue you.

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