Over the years, I’ve watched too many friends and family battle cancer. One in particular, was my good friend Christia. In 2002, she and her husband BJ shared some news:  she was pregnant and she had cancer. For an unknown period of time, she had been living with this cancer, but she did not know it.  She had this cancer, but she did not “feel” it. Miraculously, an ultrasound revealed something was wrong. Miraculously, at four months gestation, she underwent surgery to remove the tumor while her little girl remained safe and sound in her wombHer doctor removed what the x-ray revealed. Jesus did the same. A long time ago, God delivered a set of laws for men to live by (the Ten Commandments) but they could not live up to them.  Neither can we. And because God loves us so much, He sent his Son, Jesus, to remove what the 10 commandments stood to reveal: we’ve ALL fallen short of perfect. Like cancer, we may feel spiritually healthy, but as Christia could tell you, feeling isn’t always reality. X-rays show otherwise…so does God. God said in Isaiah 57:18, “I have SEEN what they do, but I WILL heal them anyway…” The sin in us is fatal, it may start small, but it spreads. Jesus came, and lived without sin. He is our Save-ior…He saved me! He stood in my place. I was the one with spiritual cancer, I should have suffered. Jesus suffered for me. He died that we could have life. Today I am thankful that He’s never missed an appointment on me and He’s made every house call. I hope he’s your M.D. too.

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