photoAs I posted about a few days ago, I had the chance to serve at our Homestead Women’s Correctional Facility last week. After our Church by the Glades service concluded, some of the women came forward for prayer.  I got to pray with four of them.  The first girl asked for prayer for the big zit on her chin that wouldn’t go away. The other three girls asked for Jesus to come into their hearts.  As I reflected later that night, I realized God cares about our zits… our salvation…and everything in between.  God’s spectrum of love is endless, and so are the things we can ask him. The bible says, “you don’t have, because you don’t ask.” Prayer is one minute asking God to help you find your keys, the next, begging God to help you resist your addiction. And knowing BOTH matter. I hope you know Him. I hope you bring everything to Him. It all matters to Him. Just ask the girls at Homestead.

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