It’s time for honesty! Today, I am worried about ___________. OK, now that you dumped your worry onto the blank, what do you do?  When you dump a worry from your mind, it leaves a space in its place.  What do we fill that space in, so worry doesn’t creep back in?  In Philippians 4:6-8, Paul gives us 7 worry-fillers! Paul tells us to replace worry with truth, like, “Jesus is the Truth!” or replace worry with something noble, like, “I will donate something” or something right, like “I will pray for my enemy,” or something lovely like, “I will tell someone I love them, or something admirable, like, “I will take the high road at work,” or something “excellent,” like, “I will give today everything I’ve got” or something “praiseworthy,” like “I will worship God while driving in my car.”  Many of us have become victims of worry. But we do not have to stay victims of it.  Worry is a condition; it’s not part of God’s creation. Just because we have fearful thoughts, doesn’t mean we have to listen to them. Today, I pray you dump the worry and fill it in with the goodness of God’s substance.

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