Be not afraid, only believe  Mark 5:36
imagesWhen you have children, you have scary moments. They get hurt, lost, sick, bullied. Maybe your experience has been one of these. If not, whatever that scary moment was, nobody knew fear in that moment more than you. What do we do in such moments with the lives God’s entrusted to us? First, if we subscribe to God’s word, we can ‘believe.’ What we do second, third, and fourth depends on personality, past and situation. But the first thing, is to tell ourselves: “(Your name here) do not be afraid, only believe.” So what are we believing? Believing that in some moments, our child may have passed through our hands, but our child has not passed through God’s. When we feel out of control in an unpredictable moment with our child, we believe that nothing is unpredictable with God. We believe that the Almighty who created our child is almighty enough for them. I recently had a mom-fear with one of my boys. So I guess I’m preaching to the choir. But I tried to believe in God, and not believe my fears. I prayed the whole day. This took my focus off my fears, and on the One who was with my son. I hope this encourages someone today. Especially moms.

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