photoMy day didn’t go the way I planned. I ran into a store to pick up something, and when I got to my car, there were people waiting. In short, “Ma’am, I just saw a car hit your car and take off. I got the license plate and make/model. But I also saw her park far-off in the distance, and go into the store.” As this lady spoke, her passenger weighed in, and then an onlooker approached, giving her opinion too. I took a breather and called Raul. He said, “Call the police.” As I waited for the police, I conversed with the group that had formed, and prayed. Timeout #1: God can hear your heart. As you pray in your heart, you can be talking with your mouth. It’s an amazing gift He gives.  The officer finally arrived, and reprimanded me for not getting the eyewitness contact info. (#notetoself). Then he instructed me to drive over to the suspect-vehicle and park in front it; he would park behind it, blocking them in. Waiting…. waiting…. Finally, 2 women sheepishly approached the car. And confessed.  As the officer completed his protocol, I sat in my truck. Unpredictably, my frustration melted as the temperature of compassion in my body started to rise. It was clear this woman (8 months pregnant with 3 little kids) was of modest means and overwhelmed.  In my truck, I had invite-cards to our #SampleRd campus, where we house the Kids Kloset, a free thrift-shop for families. I took 2 of the invites, got out of my car, approached the women, introduced myself as a pastor’s wife and invited them to CBG-Sample and our Kids Kloset. (Meanwhile, the cop looking from his patrol car, like I was nuts.) I’m leaving out alot of details. But I’ll close with Timeout #3:  As Pastor Dan would say, “Don’t be impressed with me cause I’m not impressed with me and I have to live with me!” and Timeout #4: on our watch, accidents are accidents; but on God’s watch, they may also be opportunities for providence.

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