photoDJ had his first football game yesterday. They lost. Well, in points. But from my vantage point, they won. What’s my vantage point? All my life, it’s been from the bleachers. During all my years of education, K4-college, I never played one organized sport. I was always a bleacher-kid. Anywho, yesterday, the bleachers were my vantage point, but my heart saw something else. I saw a team of kids who won
the benefit of respecting their leader.
the strength to endure against odds
the maturity to cheer when benched
the agony of defeat but with joy of unity
the courage to try something new
the fun of jumping for high-fives
I look at those six things, and as someone who never got to gain them–-I’d say it was a win, even at a loss.

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