heatherIt was a big violation. After years of amassing a generous network on Twitter and Facebook; after five years of blogging 1-minute posts…it was all gone. In one big hacking maneuver, someone succeeded in eliminating my presence on social media and my personal blog. For a week, at the expense of forsaking family, sleep, and eating, I grieved, obsessed and fought to get it back.  But it would not be.  It was gone. And unretrievable.  But the insanity it was costing me had to stop.  I started having serious prayer time with God. Not for everything to be restored. Not for justice to be served. Not for my perpetrator to come forward. Nope. I got down on my knees and prayed for one thing…”peace.” And God heard. And God helped. He slowly turned all this toxin in my body into His good. After that peace filled me, I was able to peacefully let go of what was rightfully His. Yep, I realized that too: my former “LeadHership” online presence was never mine to begin with. The Lord giveth..and the Lord taketh away. So that’s why you are here at “wondHerful.” Because after I learned to let go of one thing and give God everything, He gave me something. He’s good like that. And thank you for joining me here.

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