photoToday, Raul and I took Andy to school.  As Raul drove, I took this pic and hashtagged it #PreciousCargo. In my weird head it got me thinking of that old bumper sticker, “God is my co-pilot.”  You know, He really isn’t.  God is THEE pilot because God is all we need. When Raul is Andy’s proverbial pilot, Andy trusts Raul implicitly from  the backseat. As a child, Andy doesn’t pull annoying “back seat driver demands,’ why would he? He’s not the driver and he knows it!  As a child, Andy only wants to know one thing, “Are we there yet?”  I didn’t realize how much we could be like Andy in the backseat when it comes to living our lives; but because of our adultness, we don’t. We tell the Driver what to do.  We get mad when He doesn’t.  We aren’t very good at being kids in the backseat of God’s car, but we’re great at being the experts. They say, “Life’s a journey.” I agree with that. But I think the journey is best when we let God be THEE driver, as we maintain our childlikeness from the backseat: comfortable, trusting and just wondering once in awhile, “Father, are we there yet?” 🙂

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