photoI’ve kept this photo for awhile, just taking it in because it really chokes me up. But now I want to share it with you and write about it.  This was taken by Tiffani Dhooge, it is Pastor Kory Cassell baptizing girls at our CBG Correctional Facility.  If you look closely, you’ll see a bandage on her wrist.  That is because she tried to take her life.  You can deduce from this picture that she is young, and in prison.  And for reasons none of us may never know, she didn’t want to live anymore.  But she didn’t succeed in taking her life, and now, she has been raised to life! Does that choke anyone else up but me??  She is STILL waking up with breath!! She can still make a comeback!! There are still pages that get to be written in her God-story by God, Himself! We don’t know this girl, but He does! And He loves her!  And she didn’t let her setback keep her from a comeback!  Today, we all need to keep going, and pause to celebrate the fact that she did.

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