photoHi my name is andy palacios I am going to be a guest bloger today. I am going to blog about how your life can end at any minute or second and you should get Jesus in your heart any freetime you get. Ok so I am just nine years old.  I am in the forth grade in social studies class we were talking about the people in the cival war. That they could get killed at any time. So I decided to write about to hurry up and get Jesus in your heart, because you might not get a nother chance. so what ever you are doing right now STOP everything and listen to me, please. Go right now to a quiet room. This is all you have to do just pray: Jesus I have don a lot of wrong things in my life please forgive me for them. I need you Jesus I need you in my life. So please come in my heart save me and lead me to the write path. Trust me all I did one night is asked my dad to pray with me and I said dad I want jesus in my heart please pray with me. So he did and I was so happy about it. So keep this in your head you haved to hurry up to get God in your heart, because you might not get another chance to. So I hoped you liked a nine year old kids blog post.

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