Band-AidFor me, when it hurts there are two things that need to happen.  One, the tears need to come out. Tears were designed to accumulate in the eyes, but not stay there. God would have made moats around our eyes if tears weren’t meant to fall out. If you are hurting, let them fall. “That’s not what strong people do,” you say? I have two words for you: “Jesus wept.” The shortest verse in the bible. He freed us up to cry when it hurt because He did.  The other thing that needs to happen is just as much as the tears need to come out, God’s words need to go in. What’s gonna fill your heart after your tears move out of it and fall from your eyes? God’s word. It will fill up your heart with hope and encouragement, and because it is God’s word, it will stay there. Molding itself to the shape of you heart–so much so–that it becomes a part of your heart, never leaving. I keep my list of 5 favorite encouragement verses on me. If you’d like them, just email me at I hope this encourages someone today.

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