W3jlf45459252sAwhile back, I had to wrestle with what parts of my life I would share and what parts I would keep private.  I learned that being authentic doesn’t mean baring all the gory details of my life. When we talk about being authentic, I think we should study Jesus. Jesus was who he was, all the time. He put on no airs. He wasn’t mysterious, aloof, or a phony. He was real Jesus every day of His life and He didn’t have to worry about keeping track of all the “personas” he was projecting.  And IN those moments where He needed to “bare all,” it was for salvation, not attention. If we are sharing details to brag, impress, one-up or cover-up, we are not being authentic, we are not being a tool God can use to reach another, and we are not being like Jesus.  This gauge Jesus left us has helped me a lot in knowing how authentic I should be. I hope it encourages someone else today too.

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