strangersThe word, “everybuddy” popped in my mind the other night, and I couldn’t fall asleep. So I let it marinate on the rotisserie of my brain and I think I have a post. What if I viewed the world through the word “every buddy” instead of “every body?” The teller, the homeless woman, the sales clerk, the pharmacist, the crosswalk guard, the receptionist, the groomer, the barista…what if all the “bodies” I come across in a day, I saw as “buddies?”  The bible says to love my neighbors as I love myself. The bible also says to love my enemies. By those commands, there is no one I should not love. In God’s economy, everybody is a somebody. Tomorrow, there is not a life you will pass during your day that God does not love with all His lovingness. They’re strangers to you, but they are priceless to God. What if everybody was an everybuddy: getting eye contact and acknowledgment that God would give, if He ran into them?  Tomorrow, find those people no one is noticing, and find a way to love them. #EveryBuddy

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