photoThere is an importance to REST (see Psalm 46:10, Genesis 2:2, Matthew 6:31, Isaiah 30:15). I wanted to offer 5 actions to get REST into your life. This is not an exhaustive list. This is not a professional list. Just a list from personal experience…

  1. Practice the Power of Saying No. Two books I highly recommend to learn this skill is “Boundaries” by Dr. Henry CloudDr. John Townsend and “People Pleasing” by Lou Priolo.
  2. Get Christian Counseling. An objective spokesperson for God will help you determine WHY you can’t rest. If you know WHY you can pursue HOW.
  3. Set a bedtime timer. Your kids have you as their bedtime timer. But who has you as YOUR bedtime timer? So make one! Set a timer to go off every night at your needed bedtime. At the sound of the alarm, turn off the TV, shut down the computer, power off the phone.” My “timer” is set for 11pm.
  4. Understand this: If God didn’t think you could get done what HE needed you to get done in a 24-hour day, He would have made longer days. It’s not that we don’t have time to rest. Sometimes, we’re just choosing to do things God hasn’t scheduled and those things are occupying the time HE would have for us to rest. Pray for this understanding.
  5. Take advantage of quiet places: the bathroom, in your car, in a waiting room, in worship at church….these are “isolated” moments. Take advantage of them and use them to embrace the quiet and be at ease with your soul.

I hope this encourages someone today. And get some rest! 🙂

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