I’ve tlook-on-the-bright-side-dayraveled some lately, which has me at airports, rental-car agencies, and hotels.  Such places lend themselves to people-watching. People watching is bittersweet, it can entertain me for hours, but when I am done, I’m often burdened for the people I watched.  I will see certain people, who I’m so impacted by, I will find myself praying for them the rest of the day and into the night. Why aren’t people happy? I see such heaviness in people.  I know, first hand, as do you, that life is hard. But if I didn’t have my joy, my life would have stopped a long time ago. Life is going to be chock full of hardship for some, and intermittent hardship for others. But in between those seasons (and I would argue even IN them) we have to have joy. There has to be joy in our bellies, to get through life on Earth.  I don’t want to raise this debbie-downer observation without a solution. So as I head out to the airport tonight, I challenge myself with this: wherever I go, leave joy behind, because there’s people who need it. And because my joy comes from the Lord, I don’t have to worry about it ever running out.

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