IMG_1925This week, I was at the Leading and Loving It Retreat in Vegas. God blessed the socks off of so many, who came weary, but left, lifted up.  I got to serve on the L&LIt team, led by rockstar leaders, Lori Wilhite, Brandi Wilson and Lisa Hughes. I also got to serve with fellow team-leaders, like Cindy Beall (pic’ed, here). I love Cindy Beall. First of all, she’s a comeback kid and her story is chronicled in her book, “Healing Your Marriage When Trust is Broken.”  But I also love Cindy because of the way she treats me! This week, at this conference, Cindy was teaching me how to hug. She didn’t know this, it just organically happened. Every time the team would meet up, Cindy would instinctively hug me, sit on me !!) or reach out in some way, forgetting I’m not a touchy-person. Then she’d apologize and we’d laugh. But what Cindy DIDN’T know, is every night, when I’d go back to my hotel room, I would think about this, and pray. Yes, FACT: I am not a touchy-person. I’d rather high-five than hug. I’d rather smile than “give besitos.”  I’d rather sit two seats down from you than share a seat with you. I’ve always been this way and tried to maintain those boundaries as respectfully as possible. Til Cindy came along. Now, I’m not leaving Vegas as a big ball of mushy hugginess, but I feel my heart softening to it.  I feel God impressing something new on my heart. So, Cindy, if you’re out there, thanks. And next time I see you, maybe I’ll be the one to run across the room and hug YOU.

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