W3jlf45459252sThere have been two times when I was cut off from community. One was in 2000 and one was in 2010. When we choose solitude it is good (even Jesus chose time for solitude). but this is more of a unchosen loneliness (circumstance, varying). No one is cheering for you, no one is encouraging you, no one is there to hug you, no one is listening. It’s you, yourself and you. Jesus experienced this. He hung on the cross, separated from the world, but he showed us He was also not alone. He cried to God, and in his final breaths, talked to Him. If all we depend on is the affirmation and encouragement of the world–what will we do when the world isn’t there? In my two instances of loneliness, I had no access to community’s support. I had to LEARN that when God was all I had left–I had everything I needed. I learned to look within, to this life of Heather who God created and called his own. If this life was still breathing– the master artist was still using his masterpiece. If he isn’t finished with me–I’m not finished with me. I learned to encourage myself by HIS declaration over my life and by HIS promises in His book. Today, if it is lonely, I hope you know you are not alone. You have a friend in Jesus. And, I hope, this ENCOURAGES you, today.

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