dwayne-johnsonThis NEVER happens: I get seated by a celebrity. But this ONE time in FORTY ONE YEARS, I did. The only thing separating me from this celebrity was 10 feet of airplane carpet, and two passengers.  I did all the right things. I reached for a Church by the Glades invite card, and my sharpie marker. On the invite card, I would put my phone number, so his assistant could call us in advance to let us know he’d be coming.  As the plane ascended, I began praying for the inevitable opportunity. After about an hour into the flight, I began to assemble my “invite speech” in my head. Knowing time was of the essence, it would have to be quick and polite with a dash of humor.  Over and over, I would craft this speech, tweak it, and send it to my mouth for delivery. “God, as soon as you create the moment, I’m ready!” I’d anxiously pray.  Five hours later, that moment would never come. As the plane pulled up to the terminal, the lady next to me would strike up a conversation, robbing me of final moments for this good-deed. Frustrated with myself, annoyed with her, and admittedly, a little sad with God, I would listen with half an ear. Until I felt this strong kick to my conscious say, “the ground is level at the cross, all need an invite, not just the famous.” I reached for my back pocket, got The Rock’s invite card, and gave it to this lady.  She said, “I’m from Boca, I’m not that far!” I’m not posting this to get the praise. The bible says, “We don’t deserve the praise, the Lord, alone, deserve the praise.” And I give God all the praise: for not answering my prayer the way I wanted Him to, but answering it the way He needed to.

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