Good_Samaritan“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, He saves those whose spirits are crushed.” (Psalm 34:18)  On many famous accounts, God displayed his love in the big things: parting the red sea, saving Noah from a global flood, resurrecting dead to life. But how does God display love in little ways? He showed love to a man with leprosy; a mother-in-law; a bleeding woman; a mute man; a man with a shriveled hand and a boy with a demon.  These weren’t Hollywood celebs. They weren’t Fortune 500’s. They weren’t rich and famous. They were not so popular.  Out of the 22 miracles Jesus performed on people, 20 came from insignificant backgrounds.  Today, we can still do little acts of love.  It just requires available time and heart–and we all have those.  Little acts of love for the not-so-popular can have monumental impact. Think about it: you may be the ONLY one to smile at the grocery bagger. You may be the ONLY one to pray for the nail salon tech. You may be the only Jesus in someone’s little, nondescript, ordinary world. When we consider that God appoints our steps–toward these people–when he could have chosen someone else, you realize that loving on the not-so-popular is truly…one of life’s biggest honors. Just ask Jesus.

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