UnknownThere’s an old adage, “turn that frown upside down.” I once heard that wrinkles are produced more from frowning than smiling. I wonder how many times, in a day, I smile?  Because I have a sneaking suspicion that many-a-day my frowning outweighed my smiling. If that’s the case, I have some self-evaluating to do. And one thing I need to consider is: how many times has God wanted to show Himself through my smile, but couldn’t because my frown was in the way?  Smiling has a way of being contagious. A smile has a way of staying in a room long after you leave it. A smile doesn’t need a translator nor an interpreter. A smile can say nothing, yet change everything.  I know you are living. I know sometimes, you will be frowning. But I hope you are also smiling. 🙂

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