PassionOTChrist_113Pyxurz-600x450In the Christmas narrative, Mary responded, “I am the Lord’s servant, I am willing to accept whatever he wants”  Mary said this after an angel told her she would become pregnant and the Messiah would be her son.  Mary’s response is very profound.  She was young, unmarried, poor and a virgin.  The odds were against her, she could have said, “I can’t.”  But Mary had faith: she believed God’s message, though she could not see God;  she accepted the impossible, though it didn’t make sense.  The faith in Mary’s heart was greater than the sense in her mind.  And by faith, Mary would witness the birth of her son; and by faith, she would witness the death of her Savior.  Here’s the consideration:  what am I faithful to?  The gifts: my family, my husband, my life? Or the giver of my gifts: God.  Several years ago, my mom’s good friend and my “other Mom,” Betty, lost a gift…her daughter, Lisa. I’ve been one of many spectators in the sojourn of her faith.  Betty walked through pain I can not feel.  To this day, Betty continues to walk by faith with the One who is in her heart. This Christmas, I pray we consider our faith. That we can declare in our hearts what Mary (and Betty) have declared in theirs,  “Lord, I am your servant and I am willing to accept what you want.

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