photoToday I had a mental-health interview and it took a new turn in the conversation.  I thought I’d share a little here.  When asked, “how are you able to be in ministry with the mental struggle?” I had to really think about it. I proceeded to say a quick arrow-prayer, and one by one, chose my (new) words for this new convo.  The way I can be in ministry is to have leaders who BELIEVE in me, but don’t BABY me.  Pastor David, Lisa and Raul have been Aaaaaaaaaaamazing at doing both.  They don’t shove me in a church corner, lest I be too unstable. They give me chances, and opportunities. They believe in me, in words and actions. That being said, they also don’t baby me.  They don’t give exception, such that, I am given special treatment that God wouldn’t want me to have. They don’t withhold constructive criticism, when it is biblical and healthy and warranted!  Like I said, this is a new chapter in my mental health story. ‘Though I’m not developing it very well, here, I hope this encourages two someones today: those with mental struggles, and those who lead them.

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