He who speaks the truth from his heart and has no slander on his tongue…wimouthll never be shaken.Psalm 15
Ah, verses that address our mouths. There are many of these in the bible, (no surprise, I know many of them). But being well-versed in what God says about my mouth is a big need, and a big help.  Awhile back, was no exception. Before I headed out, I asked God to give me the right words for the day. That was my actual prayer. On this particular day, I knew I was going to be bumping up against many people, engaging in many conversations, and wanted to have a good “mouth” day. Let me tell you about God’s answer to that pray: as I was engaging in a lengthy conversation with a friend, I suddenly felt a “Bzzzzzz!” alarm go off in my head: our conversation was slowly creeping toward gossip. Before it did, because of this alarm  (I call “it” the Holy Spirit) I was able to turn the conversation into a new direction. Now some call these occurrences Divine Interventions. I like to call them Divine Interruptions! Trust me, with a troublesome-mouth like mine, I don’t need intervention as much as I need a honking interruption! When we give God our mouths, we give Him clearance to interrupt us before we do bad with them. And I’m glad He did.

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