DSC_7509Recently, Raul and I had dinner with George and Wanda. A great Cuban couple. So it was the 3 Cuban Musketeers at the table, and me. Wanda shared they were going away for their twentieth wedding anniversary.  I heard the brakes in my head come to a screeching halt. That one comment would change the course of convo for me.   I realized I was at the table with people who had more marital wisdom than me. They’ve almost made it to 20, Raul and I are only rounding the corner on 16. With that 4-year advantage, I knew what I needed to ask: “What’s one advice you’d attribute to making it to 20?” They didn’t squirm, hesitate or stutter. Almost in sync they said, “9 words.” “9 words? What does that mean?” I asked. They both chimed in as they explained that it is these nine words that has helped them make it 20 years: “Don’t go to bed mad, and I am sorry.”  They both acknowledged that it doesn’t matter who was right or wrong, what matters is who’s game for saying the 9 words before they go to bed. I told them I know someone who doesn’t do that very well (as Raul and I both looked at me). I was glad George and Wanda shared their 9 words with us. As we encroach on our first Monday of the New Year, I can’t think of a better time to try it than now.

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