Spilled MilkBack in 2009-2010, I went through a dark time. I cried a lot.  It was comforting to know that despite the pain causing the tears, God was collecting every one of them (Psalm 56).  There’s an adage, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” Basically, it means don’t be upset about making a mistake, since you cannot change that now. Admittedly, back in 2009-2010, I made some mistakes to cause those tears, but I was not the cause of all of them.  True, it didn’t do any good to cry over that spilled milk, but I wasn’t the only one who spilled it. Someone else had painfully contributed to that spill. One thing I learned from that was sometimes we need to cry over spilled milk. It’s a natural reaction when there is pain. And to suppress the crying is just as preposterous as actually spilling a glass of milk and acting like you didn’t. So if it hurts–as you work through it–you can cry.  However, if I could add to this idiom, I’d say, “eventually clean up what you spilled.” At some point, we have to stop crying and begin the clean up of our pain. Trust me, neither one is fun. But both are necessary. And the God who was with you before the milk spilled, is the same God who is with you while you cry over it, is the same God to be there to help you clean up.

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