10354161_10153029456453629_1950597434388522837_nA few years ago, we took our boys to a park. As I pushed DJ and Andy on the swings they squealed, laughed and yelled, “Higher, Mommy, higher!”  There was little dialogue, and lots of monologue: “Whee!” “Whoa!” “Wha-hooey!” And then, in a seemingly ordinary moment, DJ exclaimed…“Oh, mommy, my heart is laughing!” MY…HEART…IS…LAUGHING.  My mental brakes came to a tire-spinning halt, as I considered: my heart has aged, my heart has hurt, my heart has melted, but has my heart laughed? Lately, has there been anything in your life so honkin’ fun and funny, it would make you proclaim, “My heart is laughing!”? We are living. But are we laughing? I was grateful for DJ inadvertently holding up a mirror to my heart and making me take a good look at it. One of many reasons I’m thankful for our church is we give people a reason to laugh. Consider this: they may have gone all week without doing such!  But if they have an opportunity to laugh at our church, on future tough days, they’ll remember where they did.  They’ll remember that it was God’s House where they experienced joy. This week I pray God give us a swing-set experience–something that will make our eyes look up and our mouths proclaim, “My heart is laughing!”

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