IMG_4290When I was farrrrrrrrrrrrr from God, I would go to Willowcreek Church because I appreciated good communicators and they had them.  (Hey, God can use any motive His way!) One of the communicators was Lee Strobel, who’s son, Kyle, went to the same university as me, Judson University. Small world. Anywho, fast forward about twenty years, and Kyle is now an author. And I’m proud to not only talk about his latest book but give one away. It’s called “Beloved Dust.”  Kyle and co-author, Jamin Goggin, write, “We were formed from the dust, but we were made for life with God. We often accept less. We make promises and set goals to try and grow, but holiness seems impossible. But the Christian life is not about looking or feeling like a Christian. It’s about abiding in God.  If communion with God is your goal, self-help strategies and personal resolutions will fail you. But Jesus Christ will not.” Can I get a witness up in here?!  So. Honkin. Good. If you want to read more, buy their book HERE!  If you want to win a free copy of their book/study guide set, be the first to email me at I’m giving away 2 sets.  Happy reading! And thanks for writing, Kyle and Jamin!

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