IMG_4627When I was far, far away in a galaxy of rebellion, wanting nothing to do with God, I would occasionally go to Willowcreek Church. I remember them having a lineup of communicators who I respected as good communicators.  Lee Strobel was one of them.  I’ve admired Lee for a long time. First, he’s a Chicagoan! But more importantly, he’s a prodigal kid, like me. And his books have spanned the globe helping so many “come home” from their prodigal distances.  I am honored and excited to tell you about his latest book, “The Case for Grace.”  Couldn’t. Put. It. Down. It is a book chock full of true stories of people who seemed beyond hope, beneath grace, and yet because of Jesus, were redeemed, saved, changed. I really believe in this book.  Today I’d like to do a unique giveaway: the first ten people who email me the name of someone they know who needs this book, will get this book sent to them for free. AND because I have their name, I’ll be joining you in prayer, that when they get this book, it messes them up in beautiful, eternal ways. Email me at Thanks!

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