rb8Rh45458811sDisclaimer: I am not a professional, just a client 🙂
Over the last few years,  I’ve been thankful for the attention mental-health has received. In the grass-root, governmental, medical and ministerial arenas, conversations are being had and agendas being initiated. However, I’ve also seen the underbelly of this attention: possible misdiagnosis and misuse of it as an excuse. For me, mental illness is not an agenda I would have asked for or a diagnosis I would have sought.  Although I do my best to be a good steward with it, given the chance, I would get rid of it any day.  I don’t know if everyone who says they have it, have it. And I don’t know if everyone who has been diagnosed with it, is properly diagnosed. But I can speak from my journey. What I know is: as an adult, I was diagnosed after a thorough historical, circumstantial and psychological study of me, by professionals, over a period of time. So I believe my diagnosis is legit.  I also know (confession-alert) I have been guilty of using it as an excuse.  But no sooner did I, and I felt a horrible ache in my belly (not my mind, where things can be misconstrued) of conviction.  I’ll close with an encouraging word for three groups of people:
If you think you have mental-illness, seek Christian professional help (if you need a recommendation, email me).
If you know you have mental illness, be a good steward with it (read Paul’s account of his “thorn,” 2 Corinthians 12)
If you don’t have mental illness, give God thanks and pray for those you know who do.

I hope this encourages someone today!

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