300px-Bottled_water_in_supermarketOne day, I go to Publix to buy a case of bottled water. While there, Jesus walks up to me in aisle four. He shares with me everything I’ve ever done. In detail–my secrets that only I knew–He makes known. In this miracle-moment, I ask Jesus how He can be a part of my life, since it’s clear (here in aisle four) that He cares about me, pursued me and didn’t force me. He invites me to pray for a life’s worth of needed forgiveness and promises to come into my life forever. Years of baggage and guilt are lifted. I’m so excited about this new-me, I don’t wait for Jesus to tell me to share it with others. Rather, I drop my case of water and take off. As soon as I get back to my neighborhood, I share this amazing Jesus with my neighbors; I tweet about him on Twitter; I post a selfie on Instagram of Jesus and I in aisle four. In John 4 after the Samaritan woman met Jesus, she stopped doing what she came to a well to do. She left her bucket and ran back to her village to tell the ENTIRE village that she found Jesus. Don’t miss this: Jesus didn’t tell her to run and tell everybody. SHE WANTED TO. This begs a question, “Where’s my village?” and a follow-up, “am I passionately finding every avenue to make Him known?” I hope you ask these. And I hope that in the end, we are leaving our wells and running to our villages.

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